How to use xingyuan medical adhesive tape?

Xingyuan medical adhesive tape is not allergic to the skin, non-toxic,  proper breath ability, no staining of the skin, long-lasting viscosity and so on. At present, it has been widely used in medical  work.   

Xingyuan medical adhesive  tape has modified the shortcomings of traditional zinc oxide adhesives consisting of all ergenicity and poor gas permeability.    

So how do you use xingyuan medical adhesive tape? What must we pay attention to?Let’s take a look at it together. 

(1) Clean and disinfect the skin before use and leave it to dry.

(2) Smoothly attach the tape to the out side from the center without tension. In order to make the tape adhere to the dressing, it should be attached to the skin with at least 2.5CM beyond the dressing. 

(3) Apply gentle firm pressure after application, stroking the tape in place 

(4) Remove tape slowly keeping tape removed rapidly or pulled vertically

(5)Remove in the direction of hair growth during removal 

(6)Support exposed skin at the peel line as tape is removed 


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