Super quality spandex plain elastic bandage, compression bandage


Super quality spandex plain elastic bandage,compression bandage is made from 55% Cotton, 45% spandex. The spandex plain elastic bandage is about 180% elastic. The length of the spandex plain elastic bandage is in the stretched state. Compression power is maintained for about two months.


  • Product name:Super Quality Spandex PlainElastic Bandage
  • Weight :  65g/m2,  70g/ m2,  75g/m2,  80g/m2,  85g/m2   90g/m2,  95g/m2
  • Width: 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm,20cm
  • Length: 4m, 4.5m, 5m
  • Material: cotton, spandex, polyester,rubber
  • Color: white, bleaching, complexion , or colored
  • Package: Each bandage is packed in serrate PP bag, twelve bandages are packed in a polyethylene bag.


  • Soft, smooth and conformable to the body’s shape
  • Tearable
  • Has low moisture retention
  • Porous enough to allow air circulation
  • Reduce skin irritation
  • High elasticity, washable, sterilizable,non-aging
  • Extensibility is about 180%.

sizeqty per cartoncarton measure
5CM*4.5M720 rolls60*50*43CM
7.5CM*4.5M480 rolls60*50*43CM
10CM*4.5M360 rolls60*50*43CM
15CM*4.5M240 rolls60*50*43CM


For treatment, after-care and prevention of recurrence of working and sports injuries, after-care of varicose veins damage and operation as well as for therapy of vein insufficiency.



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