Medical non-woven adhesive tape

High quality strong adhesive surgical non-woven tape, surgical adhesive paper tape , medical non-woven adhesive tape is an adhesive tape for bonding material, tubes and catheters, made on a paper could be  put in a dispenser.


The adhesive tape has excellent initial and long-lasting adhesive strength for normal and sensitive skin. Flexible white fiber with adhesive coating leaves the air and does not irritate the skin. The adhesive tape is inserted into the dispenser, allowing for practical tearing to the desired length.


1. Ideal for strong fixation of non-occlusive dressing material.

2. Ideal for fixing dressing and light duct surgery.

3. Sport protection, labour protection and industrial packaging.

4. Strong adhesive property, fixing firmly, strong suitability and convenient to apply

5. Hypoallergenic coating with medical hot-melt glue.

6. With reliable adhesiveness, low sensitization, excellent compliance, no residue glue.

7. Low irritation to skin, no harm to skin and good air permeability, it enables the skin to breath freely;

8. Easy-to-tear products, making usage very convenient and comfortable;

9. Widely used in surgical fastening dressing

10.quality is similar with 3M  Micropore Surgical Tapes, for our factory OEM for them

1.25cm x 5m24rolls/box, 30box/ctn50*22.5*31cm
2.5cm x 5m12rolls/box, 30box/ctn50*22.5*31cm
5.0cm x 5m,6rolls/box, 30box/ctn50*22.5*31cm
7.5cmx5m6rolls/box, 30box/ctn50*22.5*44cm
10cm x 5m6rolls/box, 20box/ctn54*33.5*23cm
1.25cm x 10m24rolls/box, 16box/ctn40.5*27.5*25cm
2.5cm x 10m12rolls/box, 16box/ctn40.5*27.5*25cm
5.0cm x 10m6rolls/box, 16box/ctn40.5*27.5*25cm
7.5cm x 10m6rolls/box, 12box/ctn40.5*27.5*25cm
10cm x 10m6rolls/box, 8box/ctn40.5*27.5*25cm



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